Tuesday, March 15, 2011

these are some masks I plan on making in the near future.
these are two sweater wearing sloth deer things
This is one rough drawing of what I might want to have on our wedding invitations. we'll see. I'll need to make Shea's face less skinny he looks sad and hungry:(
Another sketch I decided to take a picture of and post on the bloggy
This little guy was drawn on the corner of my notes for Chinese class. He's warning me of a dictation that probably happened the next day.
.this is something I ripped out of a sketch book. I was working on portraits of Shea and I for our wedding invitations. I'll probably post pictures of those eventually.
I've decided to start posting more things on my blog.... and even maybe write some stuff about them. Well I actually think this one speaks for itself, I want to be a space woman warrior girl.